ELEANA is Dutch and was born in Switzerland in 1980.
Addicted to electro music from her dearest childhood, she borrowed a deejay set and passed her 17's summer learning how to mix.
Thus she began to constitute her own finely selected discs collection, and found her way in house groovy, up to electrotech-pumping with sophisticated tones and percussive rythms.
Her taste for electro music and her capacity in discovering exclusive tunes that will rock tomorow make her an annovative artist.

ELEANA 's first parties revealed her musical sensibilites and her connivance with the audience, connected with her local electronic stage, she quickly becomes an appreciated dj.
Deeply concerned by her audience,
ELEANA showed an emotional osmosis and a delightful complicity that dancers cannot forget and assured herself a reputation for bewitching the dancefloors.

Doutstanding personality, charismatic of the Monte Carlo nights and genuine artist with her eccentric off-the-wall looks, bringing shiny pink stars and shimmering glamour with her turntables. ELEANA displays her magic with an innovative sound galaxy that colors the night and the dancefloors of whole palette of musical emotions, her sets are explosive, intense and bright,
her musical spectre is the one as colors. ELEANA bewitches and electrifes clubbers till daybreak.

Since 1998 her audience and friends discovered her talent and sensibility as a DJ, as she headlines the organization of amazing parties in the most sought clubs, be it on the French Riviera also she do sensation and electrify on the most beautiful international dancefloors of Egypt, Morroco, Tunisia, South Africa, Malta and Czech Republic who have danced on her pearls... and all over France, not forgetting she blows up many FM radios across the world.

In parallel with her DJ career, following her encounter with Tyares that initiated her to the music production with her first maxi "We like it hard" that received an enthusiastic reception. Renowned professionals like Woody Mc Bride, Victor Magan and Jason T were captived by their work and offered to remix their music edited by Diamond Recordz.
carries on collaborations with Marbrax too, a similar musical meeting as they share the same taste for dancefloor Teckhouse, electric tones, devastating breaks and pumping flights.Together they released the maxi called “Friction System Ep” , that reached the number 1 spot among 500 on the top charts from Juno Download, and was remixed by artists as Dim Chris and Fred Pellichero. ELEANA is in search of new tones and devotes to production.

In 2005 Between two international bookings, ELEANA lands her residency at the Monte Carlo Bay Resort, a place where she can express freely her class and her musical diversity for the official before of the Jimmy'z of Monte Carlo, along with parties such as Veuve Cliquot Champagne or the parade for Lamborgnini, working with prestigious DJs such as Axwell, Greg Ceronne,
Bob Sinclar, Robbie Rivera, Martin Solveig, Charles Shilling, Laurent Wolf, Alex Gaudino, Chris Wilis, Junior Caldera.

In 2008, motivated by her passion and encouraged by professionals, her career takes a new direction when she was offered on famous radios Fun Radio (Cote d’azur) and Radio Fg Underground (Paris) contact her directly to offer her a weekly residence for these programs « Sensual and Punchy Sessions ». Programmed beside Carl Cox, Roger Sanchez, Joachim Garraud, Da Fresh,
Eddie Amador, Marco Bailey, Dan Marciano, Thomas Gold, Syke N Sugarstarr, D.O.N.S, Avicii, Tocadisco.
ELEANA did charming the auditors of Radio Underground FG.

For the year of 2010, a new musical meeting by Luka Cheerys's side with a fusion of similar tone of the melodic house, punchy of innovative, sophisticated hard-hitting tones .
They make a remix " The Secret " on N’Joy Records with her friend of childhood the famous singer of Monaco Vlad Scala and accompanied with diverse artists such Marbrax, Niko Larsons about electro trancy and their sensual punchy tones who have very estimated by the public.

ELEANA innovated with a new party concept "Fly To Paradise" accompanied with a fanciful glamour show with dancers Asthenia and Tarak, along with a partnership with "Love Box" also a remix for Marbrax "One Day" sung by Stella Shyne with her musical partner Luka Cheerys, also the project for her album with innovated sophisticated punchy sound's '' Stereotic Story'z '' which were appreciated by her audience.

During the year of 2015, her success and know-how allowed her to make a concert at the Famous "Salle des Etoiles" of the Sporting also at the Casino Lounge in Monaco, as well as multiple passages in the South of France also for the best Private events of st. Stropez to the Cannes Festival to Dubai and Marbella and a performance at the Gallery d'Art of Carre D'or.

In 2016,
ELEANA concernes by finding her real Sound indentity of a elegant punchy symphonie style and a spectral of fresh air sound design, she prepare many session's Live set's Like
'Criminal Flash', 'Seductive Distorsion', 'Deep to Stellar' and 'Wonderland' which illuminates minds with the Fantasy of the Soundbeat with more than 10 million listening on online platforms,
that brings it to collaboration with S One Prod for her Albums "Hear Music Or Die" and "Athmos> Spherea" with a Bonus pack "Milky Way", is on the road for a intergalactic way for 2021 ...

Thanks to her notoriety near the electronic scene of the Cote d’Azur
ELEANA makes her shiny way on festivals like, offering you the possibility to travel musically toward her galaxy, well after till daybreak with the memory of her shiny pink stars...

Reference Clubs :

Czech Republic: Sasazu Club
Tunis: Living
Malta: Clique
South Africa: Opening of The Reserve Club
Egypt: Opening of Havana Club
Morocco: Papagayo, C-light Club, Actors Club, Nirvana Club, Jockey Club, So Club, Zanzi Lounge
Paris: Le Plan
Toulon: Starnight, Season Club, Challenger Club
Montpellier: Daytona Club, Magic 34
Marseille: Luxury Club The Bed
Annecy: Pop Plage
Monaco: Salles Des Etoiles Sporting, Casino SBM, Blue Gin SBM Monte Carlo Bay Resort (resident), Kare(ment), Ni Club, Blackdiamond, Zelos, Ni Lounge, Boccacio, Living Room, Fusion, Rascasse, Speakeasy Club, Yacht Show
Nice: High Club, Grand Escurial, Le Guest, Wash Club, Liqwid, Modjo, Blue Club, Deux Frères (resident), Lecotton Lounge (resident), Le Mynt, Solena Club, Le Mix, Lounge Beau Rivage hôtel 4 stars (resident), Cellar Club
Antibes: Siesta, Quai Sud
Juan les pins: Minimal
Cannes: Swann Club (resident), Priveliege
Menton: Casino, Carré Blanc

Reference Radios :

Paris: Radio Underground Fg
Cote d'azur: Fun Radio
Monaco: Radio Mc One
Radio AS (Cannes)
Nl: Eclectic Fm
Ch: Vibration Fm, Generation Fm, Radio Poeple
Belgium: Warm FM, Radio Net FM, Maxximum Fm, Magic Line
Egypt: Radio Party Techno FM
Italy: Radio Fashion FM
Morocco: Maroceve, Radio Plus
Buenos Aires: Ksk Radio
Russia: Djsets.gr
USA: SideStreetRadio Fm, Radio Entv FM
Canada: Techno FM, Amplified Generation Fm, Radio FM
Argentinia: ADN Alternative FM
Greece: Dance Radio
Tunis: Hotradio Fm
Lille: Radio Club Xtrem, Mixx Radio Fm, Galaxi Fm
Nimes: 3D Fm
Lyon: Radio Puissance5
Nice:Nice Radio, Radio Purelectro, Radio Topside
Corsica: Calvi FM

Events of marks:

Gianni Versace
Moet & Chandon
Veuve Cliquot

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